How to install Mint in Virtual Box

Before we start… Some Requirements: Download Linux Mint. Get it from the official site and get Linux Mint 18.2 Cinammon 64-bit, you decompress the file and put the “.iso” file in any place you want. Get Virtual Box: You can get it from here  if you are using windows get windows vesion 64bit and

How to enable BIOS VT-X for Virtual Box

Enter the BIOS (often pressing Del or F12 while booting) and see with the manual how it is named there. Search for Virtualization, Virtualization Technology (VT-x), or similar, here shown for an Award BIOS: Another example if you have lets say an ASUS motherboard is: The hardware virtualization setting is located in Advanced mode->Advanced tab->CPU Configuration-> Intel Virtualization Technology  so yours

How to start a zcash node on mint using Vbox

Step by step explanation of how to mine Zcash, Ethereum, Zcoin from my own experience, you will find here all my notes and experiences. Before starting… It’s always better to create your own wallet instead of using a site who will be holding your money and everything, if the site fades away one day or