1.- What altcoins are you focused on currently?

Answer: Currently I’m mining only ethereum and zcash

2.- Which wallet do you have and from where did you get them?

Answer: Currently I have wallets for: btc, bcc,eth and zec and I’m running a node of each currency wallet I have (using Virtual Box) which I will cover on my notes.

3.- What mining gear you have?

Answer: I have one rig (6gpu raden 580 8gb) and my personal desktop with 2gpu (GTX 1070).

4.- What operative systems are you using?

Answer: In my personal desktop I’m using Win 10 and ethOs for my rig

5.- How much are you making from mining?

Answer: Not much, just by calculators of the mining I’ve been doing around 400usd, but electricity is very costly so I just get around 200usd in profit which is not much.

6.- Why are you investing in mining?

Answer: Since I’m an IT guy, like computer, games, etc I take this as a hobby and gets funner if I earn money through it.

7.- Why do you ask for donations?

Answer: All the donation I receive is to maintain this site up and running ( domain, hosting, etc). And more over to keep me motivated to share more things.