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How to claim your coins safetly after a coin fork

Hi there, Please follow this quick guide if you want to claim your free coins from a new coin that forked from another. I’m going to take an example based on the current fork that is going to happen: Litecoin Cash Before fork: 1. Download LTC wallet from 2. Once downloaded and set up go

Keep your wallet secure

I’ll show you few tips of how you can have your wallet secure and in a safe place, there are many ways to add an extra layer of protection and no one is 100% secure but at least it will take more work to break it to hackers or people who will try to steal

Backup your wallet

We know how to set up our wallet and how to start mining but it doesn’t end right there, we have to secure what we have done/earn and to accomplish that we have to “Backup the wallet” in a safe place. As I explained in previous posts everyone is susceptible to stolen wallet, as I

How to show hidden folders in Linux Mint

Usually we will need this to show the hidden folders for almost all the wallets we see here in the blog. So you usually will have to go to this location “/home/user/” and when you be there: It’s very simple… just do CTRL+H Yes, you just go to the desired folder and keep pressed CTRL

How to install Mint in Virtual Box

Before we start… Some Requirements: Download Linux Mint. Get it from the official site and get Linux Mint 18.2 Cinammon 64-bit, you decompress the file and put the “.iso” file in any place you want. Get Virtual Box: You can get it from here  if you are using windows get windows vesion 64bit and

How to enable BIOS VT-X for Virtual Box

Enter the BIOS (often pressing Del or F12 while booting) and see with the manual how it is named there. Search for Virtualization, Virtualization Technology (VT-x), or similar, here shown for an Award BIOS: Another example if you have lets say an ASUS motherboard is: The hardware virtualization setting is located in Advanced mode->Advanced tab->CPU Configuration-> Intel Virtualization Technology  so yours