I created this blog to document all my experiences and findings of the crypto currency world, as some of you know or not about it as a technical guy I’m going to focus of how to set up things in such way people that are not technical may understand and I’ll do my best to accomplish this.

So what will you find in here:

1.- Step by step instructions of setups, just to give some examples: setup currency nodes which give you the capability to create your own wallet, how to send/receive money, how to run a client mining.

2..- Suggestions: Since I’m not an expert and have not much experience on this new world, I’ll give suggestion based on my experiences and mistakes.

3.- Help: I can answer questions or inquiries people might have but as I said I’m not an expert so don’t expect that I know everything and please don’t ask things that you know I’m not focus on.


Donations are very welcome:

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