How to claim your coins safetly after a coin fork

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Please follow this quick guide if you want to claim your free coins from a new coin that forked from another.

I’m going to take an example based on the current fork that is going to happen:¬†Litecoin Cash

Before fork:
1. Download LTC wallet from
2. Once downloaded and set up go to File -> Receiving Addresses
3. Get your address(XYZ) and transfer any LTC you have on any exchange to that address(XYZ).
4. Once you will have LTC in your wallet on that address(XYZ) wait for the Litecoin Cash fork to happen.

After fork:
5. Once the fork is done, transfer your LTC from that address(XYZ) back to the exchange address you were using
7. Now when your address (XYZ) has no LTC coins it is safe to claim Litecoin Cash coins. For that you need address (XYZ) and corresponding private key to that address.
Getting the corresponding private key
8. In your LTC wallet you installed, go to Help -> Debug Window. Then go to Console tab.
9. In console tab type ‘dumpprivkey [address]’ so in our case it will be ‘dumpprivkey XYZ’
10. On the console you will see printed private key for that address.
11. Now you have your XYZ address and corresponding private key
12. Now go to and download and install their wallet software6. When LTC are transferred to your exchange, and transaction is confirmed, make sure that address (XYZ) does not have any LTC coins on it. So your wallet should be empty.

Once downloaded, follow the info on their website to claim the LCC. It is described under the question ‘How do I claim my Litecoin Cash once I have my private key?’ on their website
hope it’s clear

I would say to wait a few days after fork is complete  just to play very safe.

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