How to run Ethereum Node in Linux Mint

I’ll show you how to get the Ethereum wallet using Linux Mint.

Before we start I would like to make a couple of observations:

It is straight forward to get it installed, however I’ve been experiencing synchronization problems and one of them is that I feel that sometimes is not being synchronizing or like it’s taking forever.

Also other thing is that the blockchain is huge so at least I recommend to you to use 200gb of disk space.

Let’s start:

1.- Go to the officia Ehtereum site and then find the wallet link “See all versions” as shown:


2.- Accept the agreement so it takes you to the download section:


3.- It will take you to github (code repository) where all the downloads are located, once you are there go down a little and look for “”.


4.- Do click to the link to start the download, just press “save” button.


5.- Once you download the file open it from the download section and just click the little folder icon.


6.- Them I’m going to move the file to “Documents” folder which is located in Home. You can accomplish this by “cut or copy” file the paste it in the desired folder.


7.- Then I’m going to extract the file by doing right click to the file then “Extract Here”.


8.- You will find a new folder named “linux-unpacked”, here is where the wallet it’s located.


9.- I’m going to rename the folder just to keep everything clean and organized so in the future you don’t forget where it is, rename it by doing right click then “rename”.


10.- Now go to the new folder and you will see a file named “ethereum-wallet” this is our guy!


11.- We need to open a new terminal window in order to execute the wallet, so I recommend you to just do right click inside the folder and open a new terminal from there since it will take you where the wallet is located.

Execute the wallet using the following command  as shown:

  • ./ethreum-wallet


12- You will see the program started and it will open a new UI (User Interface) window. From this window you have to options which are to choose “main network” and “test network”, we are going to use the “Main Network” since it is the primary network, the test net is for testing purposes.

Do click the “Main Network”


13.- Second screen will ask you if you have a wallet to import, in my case I’m going to create a new wallet so I just press “Skip”.


14.- The next screen will ask us to enter the password for our wallet, here are some observations/recommendations I have for you:

  • Choose a very strong password so no one can find it by brute-force (i.e. using dictionaries).
  • Keep your password in safe location, don’t store it in a note pad file and leave it in your computer, if you need more suggestion or want me to do a topic of how to secure password and provide the extra layer of security you need please leave a commend and I’ll work on something.
  • If you ever lose your password… YOU LOST YOUR MONEY! don’t ever forget or lose your password, if you lose it you won’t be able to make transactions because all the transactions requires you to enter the password.


15.- As I explained before… the wallet remind you to secure your password and wallet. Just click OK and proceed.


16.-  Next screen ask you if you want to deposit ether if you own bitcoins or any other crypto currency. In this case I just proceed to the next screen.


17.- We just have configured our wallet and ready to use, so the next screen will wait until is fully synchornized but we won’t wait, we are going to open the wallet, yes is it possible to open the wallet even though is not fully synchronze.

Do click to “Launch Application”


18.- Now every time you open the wallet you will this, here will check if your wallet is synchronized or not. You can wait here or go and open the wallet. If wallet is open it will not stop the synchronization so it’s ok if you keep it opened.

Do click to “Launch Application” again…ethUI7aLaunchAgain

19.- Finally we are able to visualize our wallet, remember that in order to see your balance and make transactions you have to update the wallet and it will take hours or days depending on your internet speed.


Now that we have our wallet installed we just need to wait for it to fully synchronize as I mentioned earlier, I recommend you to perform fast synch which I explain here sync ethereum using geth fast how to do it.

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