Month: September 2017

Backup your wallet

We know how to set up our wallet and how to start mining but it doesn’t end right there, we have to secure what we have done/earn and to accomplish that we have to “Backup the wallet” in a safe place. As I explained in previous posts everyone is susceptible to stolen wallet, as I

How to run Ethereum Node in Linux Mint

I’ll show you how to get the Ethereum wallet using Linux Mint. Before we start I would like to make a couple of observations: It is straight forward to get it installed, however I’ve been experiencing synchronization problems and one of them is that I feel that sometimes is not being synchronizing or like it’s

Synchronize Ethereum using geth –fast

I’ll show you a trick that at least seem it worked for me of how to synchronize the Ethereum Wallet faster and is to execute a geth command, I’ll do this using the UI wallet in Linux Mint and how to do it in windows as well. Before we start lets take a look to

How to show hidden folders in Linux Mint

Usually we will need this to show the hidden folders for almost all the wallets we see here in the blog. So you usually will have to go to this location “/home/user/” and when you be there: It’s very simple… just do CTRL+H Yes, you just go to the desired folder and keep pressed CTRL

How to run a ZCoin node in Linux Mint

Before we start visit the official site of ZCoin , so you get some information and get familiar to it, and remember this is not the same as Zcash!! As you know I like to run all the nodes in Virtual Machines using Oracle Virtual Box, if you are not familiar with it check this

Start mining Zcash

Now that you have your own TADDR, you are ready to start mining your own coins. For beginners I recommend to you to start with since is very easy to setup and you don’t need to register, all you need is to download a miner client and your TADDR where they are going to deposit your