How to create a TADDR in Zcash (Command Line Reference)

I’m going to show you the basic commands lines you need after you get Zcash node installed in your machine, if you haven’t installed yet check it How to nstall Zcash.

Here is an overview of what you will find here:

  • Generate a T-ADDR
  • Check balances

Before going through this I’ll show you how to get started in order to accomplish this. The command we will use to do all of this is “zcash-cli parameters”.

  1. First we need to start the zcash node by either:
    1. Open a new terminal and just type zcashd
    2. Open a second new terminal (here is where we are going to do everything)
  2. Then we have to make sure our node is up and running by executing:

zcash-cli getinfo


Now let’s explain briefly some important things:

  • The left window you have to keep it opened to have the node up and running unless you run it in back-end by using “zcash –daemon”, in order to fully operate and process transactions and some commands you have to synchronize the node by downloading the whole blockchain.
  • The right window is what you have to execute “zcash-cli getinfo” after you start the node, this command is to check the node is running so if you see something similar you are good otherwise you will receive an error.
    • Let’s take a look to a couple of things that you might check when executing “getinfo”
      • Balance: If you are up to date with the transactions you will see your balance here.
      • Blocks: Here is where you are on get your node synchronize, here you can find how many blocks you need get have the node fully synchronized.
      • errors: If you see this blank means everything is OK, otherwise something went wrong and you will experience malfunctions.

If everything went good now you will be able to create an address you can use to mine, I recommend you to create a “T-ADDR” instead of “Z-ADDR” which most of the mining pool will require.

After executing “zcash-cli getinfo” now you create a “T-ADDR” by executing:

zcash-cli getnewaddress


Make sure you save this address.

Here you can see all the commands you can use by using:

zcash-cli help


Here you can find information of how to use the commands

That’s all, enjoy.


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